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[Psy2] Fig Backer FAQ

The most up-to-date support articles can now be found on our website at:

How do I get my codes? 

Can I have a different PC code? 

  • All backers will get the choice between Steam, GOG or Humble. 

  • The DRM-free choices are Humble and GOG. 

  • This choice will be made on Humble 

  • Once chosen you cannot change - contact Humble support if that is an issue 

Can I change my code from PC to a console? 

  • Console codes were available to backers as an upgrade add-on when the campaign was live in 2016. The console add-on option has since been closed and is no longer available. However, the PC version is available to all backers who backed to receive Psychonauts 2. 

Can I have a Mac or Linux code? 

  • All backers who redeem a PC code will get access to the Mac and Linux builds once they are released. 

  • Steam, Humble, and GOG codes will all grant access to Windows, at first, then also Mac and Linux upon their release. 

I changed my email address! How do I get my rewards to my new email address? 

  • We can change your email address in the Humble Bundle backend. Please tell us the email address you used to back the project and the email address you’d like to use now. 

  • After your email address is changed, visit and enter your new email address to receive an email with your order links. 

I found my order link, but I’m missing a reward! 

  • Please email and send us the email address you used to back the project so we can investigate. 

What’s the release date for remaining digital rewards? 

  • Digital art book: TBD 

I am missing a physical reward 

For these items, refer to fangamer - 

  • tshirt 

  • raz figurine 

  • luggage tag 

  • Poster 

  • Vault viewer 

These items are not yet available but we will send word in a Fig update as we figure out final timelines: 

  • plushies 

  • Art book

Can I update my address for physical rewards? 

  • More info on remaining physical rewards will be coming soon. 

  • You will be able to update your address before we send anything else out. 

I'm getting charged customs fees for my rewards and I didn't expect that!

There are rules about sending items internationally which vary from country to country and also could have changed in the years since the fig pledges were initially made. Please check the rules for international packages in your country, and if your package is being held in customs and they need information to be able to process it, please send the details to for assistance.

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