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  1. Psychonauts 2 

    1. [Psy2] How to share photos taken with the Otto-Shot in Psychonauts 2
    2. [Psy2] Mac and Linux information and common issues
    3. [Psy2] Patch Notes
    4. [Psy2] Technical FAQ and Known Issues
    5. [Psy2] Fig Backer FAQ
  2. Costume Quest 1 

    1. Costume Quest Epic Store Language
  3. Psychonauts 1 

    1. [Psychonauts][PC] How to change language
    2. [Psychonauts][PC] How to enable or disable controller rumble
    3. [Psychonauts][PC] Common Issues and Workarounds
  4. Knights and Bikes 

    1. [Knights and Bikes] PC system requirements
  5. RAD Beta 

    1. [RAD Beta] Build Notes
    2. [RAD Beta] Submitting Crash Reports
    3. [RAD Beta] Minimum and recommended specifications for the closed beta
  6. RAD support 

    1. [RAD] support email address
  7. Broken Age 

    1. [Broken Age] Known Issues
    2. [Broken Age] PC System Requirements
    3. [Broken Age] Mobile Device Requirements
  8. The Cave 

    1. [The Cave] [PC] System requirements.
    2. [The Cave] [PC] Save file locations.
  9. Day of the Tentacle Remastered 

    2. [DOTT][iOS] For users with no sound
    3. [DOTT] [PS4 / PSVita] Patch Updates
    4. [DOTT] [PC] Save Locations
    5. [DOTT] [PC] System requirements.
  10. Full Throttle Remastered 

    1. [FT][iOS] App cannot be downloaded at this time.
    2. [FT] [PC] Save Locations
    3. [FT] System Requirements
    4. [FT][iOS] For users with no sound
    5. [FT][PC] Start up issues on Laptops.
  11. General 

    1. [General] Steam Deck Support
    2. [Mac] 64-bit updates FAQ
    3. [Amnesia Fortnight] AF 2017 keys do not add the game to the Steam library
    4. [General] PLEASE READ FIRST - general tips and help for PC support.
    5. [General] Long load times on PS4 and PS Vita.
  12. Grim Fandango Remastered 

    1. [Grim] PC System Requirements
    2. [Grim] Information about Save Files
    3. [Grim] Mobile Device Requirements
  13. Headlander 

    1. [Headlander] PC changelog
    2. [Headlander] PS4 changelog
    3. [Headlander] Known issues.
    4. [Headlander] [PC] System requirements.
    5. [Headlander] [PC] Save file locations and restore method
  14. Kinect Party 

    1. [Kinect Party] Photo Sharing Functionality

    1. [MASSIVE CHALICE] [PC] System requirements.
  16. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin 

    1. Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin PC FAQ
  17. Brütal Legend 

    1. [MacOS] "Brutal is damaged" message prevents game launch
  18. All articles 

    1. [MASSIVE CHALICE] [PC] System requirements.
    2. [The Cave] [PC] System requirements.
    4. [Headlander] PC changelog
    5. [Kinect Party] Photo Sharing Functionality

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