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[Headlander] PS4 changelog

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a door between the Arrival Room and Boob Tubery.
  • Fixed issues with missing bodies in Luna Citadel and Rogue Eye.
  • Fixed performance in rooms with lots of lasers flying around.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would die and get warped to the other side of a barrier in Rogue Eye.
  • Improved the frequency of dialog chatter from characters like ROOD.
  • Some balancing improvements for the final boss and final areas.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Added checkpoints midway through boss fights.
  • Improved the transition from end credits to gameplay.
  • Improved UI in several places.
  • Improved general performance and stability.
  • Improved ROOD's dialog so it's less repetitive.
  • Fixed several lines of Russian text.
  • Fixed button hint to not display if interaction isn't allowed.
  • Fixed bathroom door so it scans head if the player's already near the door.
  • Fixed occasionally not being able to damage flying enemies.
  • Fixed being stuck beneath a elevator in Power Dome.
  • Fixed ERL's "covered wagon" dialog being repeated in Power Dome.
  • Fixed a VFX crash in the long hallway in Archives.
  • Fixed not earning upgrade points for completing the Power Gem secondary mission.
  • Fixed the objective marker for the Power Gem secondary mission.
  • Fixed a collision hole in Raogue Eye.
  • Fixed being stuck in the elevator room in Luna Citadel.
  • Fixed being able to open a violet door too early in Luna Citadel.
  • Fixed a missing a body in the Landing Zone.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the evil MAPPY room.
  • Improved ROOD puzzle timing.
  • Fixed hacked shepherds not attacking the final boss.
  • Disabled boss damage during stunned state.
  • Fixed VO for the finale cutscene.
  • Fixed being stuck in a bad state after quitting out of the first outro cutscene.
  • Fixed being placed in the wrong room if the credits are skipped.
  • Added alternate ambient audio during the end game.
  • Fixed too many bodies spawning into Rogue Eye during end game.

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