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[Psy2] Mac and Linux information and common issues

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If your saves are no longer available after the 10 June Steam update...

If the update from 10 June caused your saves to appear to vanish, please check if the saves are still in the old directory and copy them to the new directory.
  • Old directory: ~/Library/Containers/com.doublefine.psychonauts2/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Epic/Psychonauts2/Saved/SaveGames/
  • New directory: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Epic/Psychonauts2/Saved/SaveGames/
Then when Steam asks to keep the cloud saves or the local saves, choose local saves.

General information and troubleshooting:
  • Save data location: ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/Psychonauts2/
  • Run the game on the latest macOS version if possible (12.4 as of May 2022) to ensure stability
  • Xbox gamepads are not fully supported. Please use a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 gamepad
  • Due to the large file size, app verification that occurs the first time you launch the game may take several minutes to complete on SSDs, and upwards of 15 minutes on slower hard drive storage
  • Changing resolution is handled by the "Resolution Scaling" slider found in the Settings > Graphics menu
  • If the game gets in a state with a mouse cursor visible on the screen but no control, press Shift+Tab. This is an issue with the Steam overlay not being visible and toggling the overlay can get around the issue.

Save data is located in: ~/.config/Epic/Psychonauts2/

Some Linux players who had the Windows version and were playing in SteamPlay may get the update prompt but install the Windows version. Please uninstall and install again to download the native Linux version.

The game may crash at launch or when attempting to alter Display settings such as Window Mode. Please try the following troubleshooting solutions:
  • Use alternate display drivers, found in Software & Updates > Additional Drivers
  • Go to Settings > Appearance and reposition the Activities bar to the bottom of the screen
  • Use an alternate desktop environment (DE) such as Gnome on X.Org or Ubuntu on Wayland
  • Try changing the resolution with the "Resolution Scaling" slider found in the Settings > Graphics menu

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