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[Psychonauts][PC] How to run Psychonauts in Compatibility Mode

Occasionally, newer computer configurations may cause instabilities in older games such as Psychonauts. These may range from inability to launch, random crashes or other kinds of instability.

Some users have reported success getting Psychonauts to work properly in Windows by launching in compatibility mode.

Here are the steps to do that (be aware these steps might look and feel slightly different depending on the version of Windows):



Right click on Psychonauts in your Library and go to Manage > Browse local files

This will open the Windows Explorer directory for Psychonauts.


Locate the directory where you installed Psychonauts in Windows Explorer


Find Psychonauts.exe in the list of files here and right click and choose Properties

In the Compatibility tab, check 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:'

Then you will have to select a version of Windows from the list. You may have to experiment with this setting to find one that works, but some users have reported success with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

After you have confirmed these settings once, you should not need to repeate the process, and can launch the game as normal.

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